Timber Paling Fences

Paling fences are customisable, versatile, enduring and often an economical choice, making them an extremely popular boundary fencing solution across Australia.

The paling fence has been a fixture within the Australian urban landscape for decades. Options include Hardwood or Treated Pine palings and Timber or Galvanised Steel posts. Regardless of the option you choose, a paling fence can be constructed to provide a long lasting, attractive fencing option which is easily adapted to suit the contours of the site whether level, sloped or stepped.

There are three basic types of paling fences:

  • “Butted” – where the palings “butt” up against each other. As the timber dries out following installation a slight gap may appear between palings. The top corners of the palings are “chipped” to provide an attractive detail to the fence.
  • “Lapped” –  where the palings overlap to provide maximum privacy and no gaps.
  • “Lapped & Capped” – where the palings overlap ensuring no gaps between each paling and the top of the fence is fitted with a timber cap providing a stylish finish to the fence.

As with all of our fencing, we are able to include pedestrian or driveway gates with a range of locking options to suit your needs. Paling fences can be installed at a variety of heights depending on the position and local council regulations. 

We look forward to providing you with a suitable outdoor solution that is ‘built for you as if it were ours’. Click below, fill in your details and we will guide you through the next stage of our process.