Brushwood Fencing

Brushwood fencing is a highly specialised trade that requires the skill and expertise of an experienced installer. Natural Fencing have been constructing and installing brushwood fencing since 1982.

Brushwood fencing is the perfect natural solution for:

  • boundary fences
  • feature walls
  • privacy screens
  • gazebos

When installed correctly, it also complies with local government regulations for pool fencing.

Constructed over a salt resistant galvanised steel frame, Brushwood fencing is strong enough for the most exposed locations and has often been utilised as a wind break around barbeque enclosures, swimming pools, tennis courts and outdoor entertainment areas.

Hand thatched brushwood fencing offers versatility in design allowing curves, bends and arch shapes that cannot be replicated using other fencing materials. It can be made to any size and shape and can be fixed to most surfaces. It is also a suitable choice for difficult sites including sloping blocks and other obstacles.

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