I have a swimming pool and I don’t think my pool fence is compliant. Is this something you can help me with?
Absolutely! Natural Fencing will send out a team member who will assess your swimming pool fence situation and advise you on what is required to make you fence compliant with current swimming pool fence legislation. As these requirements can sometimes vary between councils, we will also ensure we refer to all council rules as well.
Can a brushwood fence be used for pool fencing?
Yes, it can as long as it has a 900 mm Non-Climbable Zone where the wires are covered making it compliant with the non-climbable zone pool fencing requirements.
My old brushwood fence has holes in it and the top metal rails are exposed. Do I need a new fence?
Possibly, but we may be able to repair your fence. Natural Fencing would come out and inspect your brushwood fence and discuss your options directly with you. If possible, we would give you at least two options in regards to what can be done, with each option having a varying effect on the longevity of the fence into the future.
I have been approached by my neighbour to contribute to half of our shared boundary fence. Am I required to pay half of any type of fence?
The Dividing Fences Act 1991 (NSW) states that ‘adjoining owners are liable to contribute in equal proportions to the carrying out of fencing work in respect of a dividing fence of a standard not greater than the standard for a sufficient dividing fence’ – Click here to view the Dividing Fences Act 1991 (NSW)
What if my neighbour wants a fence over and above what is deemed a standard for a sufficient dividing fence?
You are only required to contribute up to the cost of half of what is deemed the cost of a standard fence. If your neighbour wishes to erect a fence over and above this, they are responsible for the extra cost associated with that fence – Refer to the above Dividing Fencing Act 1991 (NSW)
I live close to the ocean. Is powder coated aluminium fencing suitably rust resistant?
Yes, it can be depending on the powder coated finish applied AND it must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to remove any salt residue.
How long have you been in business?
Natural Fencing has been operating since 1982
Do you do handpacked brushwood fences or do you use brushwood fencing panels?
We, at Natural Fencing, do both depending on site characteristics and customer budget. Give us a call today to discuss the differences and why you would use one product over another.
How high can I build my fence?
This is a confusing question as it depends on where the fence is ie. At the front of your property, facing a main road, in between you and a neightbour etc.
It’s best to check with your local council before you begin building your fence, to ensure it complies with their rules and regulations as each council can differ eg. Heritage listed area, side vs rear fences etc. Some councils won’t let you build a fence unless you have permission.
Do you supply and install custom fencing and gates
Yes, we do supply and install custom panels and gates in a variety of styles and materials including glass, powder coated aluminium (pool style and other), timber slatted, palings, picket and stainless steel options. Call us today to discuss what is available and we will organise to come out and meet you at your site.
Do you accept credit card payments
Yes we do. When an invoice is sent to you, there will be an option on the bottom of the invoice to pay by credit card.

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